Keep safe everyone on the coast!

I live in an evac zone near the mouth of the chesapeake and im nervous. We just moved here and this could be our first storm where we get alot of storm surge. Our neighbors have told us how bad Isabel was and how important it is to be prepared. So again i hope that everyone stays safe.

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Lived all over this country. Been though it all. Earthquakes, firestorms, hurricanes, blizzards…the works! Definitely prepare and hunker down someplace safe! If you have to evacuate, do so! Don’t take chances with your life! God bless.

You left out sand storms.

This storm could hit anywhere. They’ve so far been way off in predicting its path from the beginning, and Given how slow it’s going they still don’t have a high degree of confidence if and where it may make landfall…one model had it going across Florida then doing a loop-de-loop back east across then up the coast.

my guess, and I’m no expert, is it hangs just off the coast and wreaks have along the entire inter coastal waterway…we’ll see.

Stay safe east coast.

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My parents (in their late seventies) are in Okeechobee. They stay safe/prepare well but the uncertainty makes it tough on them. At my dads age, the stress alone isn’t a good thing. Thinking of everyone in harms way. Stay safe!

Down in Virginia? I am further up the bay and have had many a hurricane come through. We live in a brick house which helps.

I live on a canal after a lifetime of living inland. My wife and I wanted to move closer to the ocean to live the fishing/beach lifestyle. After 6 months we absolutely love it but are still getting used to following the weather so religiously. We’re new boaters as well so we follow the tides and sea conditions all the time. Its the storm surge that has us worried the most.

My mom’s house is on the Wye River in MD. We worry about the storm surge as well. We have seen the six foot embankment between her yard and the Wye have water come up and over. This is a big storm. Be safe.