KIB Tattoos - TFAW Orders

@Brendon Hello! Would you know if we’ll be able to order these?

I still have some of the Absolute Carnage ones. My son plays travel baseball and he listens to Eminem as pump up music. The Venom song is one of his favorites. So while I can’t get him to read a comic, he will put a venom temp tattoo on his upper arm.


Nice! I gave my oldest son a pack when they came out and I’m hoping to get some for him. I still have my X-Men seeds too which were pretty cool. It appears to have some cards related to Cates’ Thor run in there as well!

Nice. Hopefully it’s like the 3 jokers with the playing card where every issue you buy you get some.

Have you ever seen the Batman Who Laughs playing cards that were given out at NYCC? Definitely some of my favorite collectibles. I’ll have to see if I can get a picture of them.

I planted them in a bald spot in my yard. They came up nicely.

I saw these added and TY, TFAW (although I’d like two (2) packs, please!):

King in Black Tattoo Bundle (25)

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Make the significant other create an account… :wink:

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Ha! I was just thinking about that. I was also thinking I could provide a sworn affidavit that she is a separate human to see if I could group things together to save on shipping. Rules are rules I guess!

I think @Brendon mentioned as long as you don’t severely abuse it, they’ll look the other way.

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Use a diff name same address. That’s how u get around the 1 per.

I just removed the limit. Not sure why one is on it since it hasn’t FOCed yet.


Nice… now I can buy as many of King in Black Tattoo Bundle that I can to do a full body tattoo… no skin goes untouched… :slight_smile:

If I pattern them just right… I’ll look like a King In Black 80s dining room wallpaper perhaps? :slight_smile:


You totally have to do this and post pics! It’ll go down as the most famous post in CHU history, lol.

Okay, someone send me around $150 to buy what I think is enough to cover my body with… :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought retail was $10/ pack? At least that what was posted in a few articles. "For fans who for some reason might want an entire bundle to themselves, Marvel is selling them to retailers at $10 per bundle. "

If Marvel is selling them to retailers for $10, that does not include the additional weight for freight, man hours to unpack, and all that, I can’t see any retailer selling them for what they pay for them

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Retailers will receive at least one pack free and will receive an additional free pack for every 25 books ordered. Because of this I misread it as the packs were being sold at $10/.

Random question. Are people buying these things for spec/resale? Or just because they are cool? I tried to research “marvel tattoo” spec last night without success.