Killadelphia News Rodney Barnes Signs HBO overall deal

Deadline is reporting Rodney Barnes signed an overall deal with HBO. We went out on a limb when we originally reported that it was going to be optioned. Then when the official news came out the series heated up even more. It has cooled off a bit but being that Killadelphia was specifically mentioned in the article could be a great chance for some sales.

Copies of Killadelphia #1 can still be found in the $12-14 range.


It’s also a good read! I’ve been grabbing it since issue 1.

I’m surprised, given the option news on f Killadelphia, that this Scottie Young cover didn’t see any love. Killadelphia #7 Variant.

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I’m typically not a huge Scottie Young fan but I made sure to grab that one on release day.

Ditto. Scottie Youngs baby style is not for me, but, that is a nice cover. Scottie Young is also underappreciated for his normal interior/cover art, as opposed to his baby stuff. I love the black on red and the negative space use on this cover. It doesn’t hurt that the series may show up on HBO too. I’ll bet the cover has a relatively low print run given it is a B variant for issue #7 of an Indie book.

Agree on all.

I am not a Young fan either normally. However, I did grab this and have been grabbing other Young Variants as of late.

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Deal extended. Killadelphia tv show still in the works