Killer Croc first appearance?

He’s got like ten of them. I’m seeing it listed as Detective #523, which is a cameo, when I always had thought Batman # 357 was the true first. This cameo AND full both being worth $ is getting truly out of control, we need to just pick one for every character and stick with it. I will say the 'Tec 523 designation seems to have come about by people who are sour grapes they don’t have Bats 357 and are trying to shift the market, much like Hulk 180 and 181.

Too bad it didn’t work for Amazing Spider-Man 299 and 360…

Publication history; Killer Croc was created by writer Gerry Conway and artist Gene Colan. The character made cameo appearances in Detective Comics #523 (Feb '83) and Batman #357 (March '83), with his full first appearance in Detective Comics #524 (March '83).

It is safe to say that Killer Crocs 1st appearance is tec523. That is the first time Killer Croc is seen in the story panels of a comic book.

I forget, is he in a trench coat where you can’t see his body or face is Tec 523? I think that’s how it is in Batman 357.

I personally prefer Batman 358 as it’s a tough black cover and he’s on the cover as well.

And what JC said is true, his first is factually 523, but that alone doesn’t make it “better” than the other 3 books. People collect all four and if you’re a killer croc fan you should too.


What does CGC designate as the first? Technically we see his face for the first time in 'Tec 524, so that one should probably be the first yet is the last desired.

@bandrew… CGC, according to their census, has;

tec523 is labeled as ‘1st appearance of Killer Croc in cameo’

Batman #357 is labeled as ‘1st full appearance of Killer Croc’

tec524 is labeled as, simply, ‘Killer Croc appearance’

Batman #358 is labeled as ‘1st Killer Croc cover (face hidden), Killer Croc appearance’


I am not sure if the market follows the 357 as his first. Obviously it’s the most desired with Jason Todd, but I can’t tell if Croc being “first” in that ish bumps it up, or it’s overlooked for one of the others. Doesn’t seem like it.

I think tec523 is generally considered the 1st to have?

To me this wording:
tec523 is labeled as ‘1st appearance of Killer Croc in cameo’
Batman #357 is labeled as ‘1st full appearance of Killer Croc’

says that tec523 is the 1st app (as it is chronologically so) but allows for the market to decide that 357 still has some value too?

That’s the beauty of collecting…the ‘market’ does not need to coincide with your preference.

I think with Jason Todd stealing the thunder in batman 357, tec 523 is a nice one to have if you just want the 1st killer croc without any other mentions.

Tec 523 is a sweet Solomon Grundy cover too. I need that now. But not for killer croc.