King In Black #3 Spoiler Cover

Hey Loungers. Looks like King in Black #3 is gonna have more twists and turns. From the spoiler cover shown below, looks like Thor meets the pointy end of Knull’s sword


Niiiice. Glad I’ve been ordering all the spoiler variants.

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I’ve been intrigued that the current, “Thor,” comic by Donny Cates has not crossed over at all with, “King in Black,” considering he’s writing both and so many comics are tying-in. This makes me wonder if that comic is taking place before all this and will suddenly have an issue with a dead Thor or such…


Don’t worry Donald Blake also kills Thor in Thor’s series

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If someone gets killed twice does that mean they were a zombie?

KIB3 is just a set up for god of light

hope this is the 2nd print cover.