King In Black 5 Cover - Potential Spoiler

Lurker here, first post. Saw this cover for King In Black 5 and wanted to share.


Great first post. Very interesting. I cannot wait for King in Black 2 to see if Eddie does bite it. Doubtful but you never know. Now the question really is, is this something that literally happens in the issue or a more figurative cover.

I could swear Eddie died once before, from cancer? Or did something save him at the last minute?

I saw this earlier, and was also intrigued. If he does die, maybe the symbiot finds him again and resurrects him?



…or a different Eddie from the Multiverse of madness takes his place.

Or the God of Light ends up being the symbiote-powered skeleton of King Arthur!

Eddie had cancer but got cured of it by Mr Negative I think, around when he became anti venom and flash was agent venom.

Well in the early venom issues from Cates, there was a character, I believe Rex? Or something idk, who was a symbiote bonded to a skeleton. They specifically mentioned how he’s not really him anymore and that there is just the skeleton of him there as he has to bond with something. Cates could be pulling the same thing with Eddie perhaps?

Is Cates going to retcon King Arthur now?..Don’t give him any ideas.

I think that was Sleeper. He’s bonded to the corpse of Tel-Kar.


Cool picture. Maybe he bonds with the All-Black sword???

I have some theories I propose over in the threat titled “down the rabbit hole-ebony sword” if you are interested in a long read lol.


I will check that out later. Off to work in a few. Thanks for the heads up. I am enjoying the Thor & Venom runs so far. I hope something exciting happens in both series this year.

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I believe you have mixed up two different stories.

Rex Strickland appeared early in this Venom run, and actually wore the Venom Symbiote.

The Symbiote who had a skeletal host named ‘Tel-Kar’, was from the ‘Venom: First Host’ mini series.

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He is kinda right. Turns out that Rex Had died but the symbiote he bonded with kinda kept on being him with out anything to bond to. Just acted as him.

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Like I said it was what 30 issues ago…but the overall point I was trying to get out was that Cates did have a symbiote wrapped around a skeleton that was acting like the person, alluding to the cover for this issue.

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Saw this on Twitter. Don’t know if it’s real but it is interesting.

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Tattoo variant

This was intresting as well. Over on that other site.