Kit Harington to play the Black Knight

This will be in Eternals but pretty sure he will also play the title role for the Black Knight film.

He’ll play Dane Whitman, the third Black Knight. Avengers #47 and #48 blowing up. Also, the 2015 Black Knight run starred Dane Whitman. Those could see a bump because their sales were low before the series got cancelled at issue 5

Avengers #47 and issue #48 is definitely nice books to own or grab now while they’re still low.

Also, I read this is Kit Harington, not Jon Snow who’s been cast as Black Knight. I updated the title. :wink:

Perfect casting IMO

Posted on main site as well…

I recall conversations between all of us just about a year ago relative to Black Knight & I picked up decent copy of Avengers #48 for $15 bucks as well as all the other cheaper books he’s in back then for cheap.

I even did a Black Knight Books to Watch post back in February… :slight_smile:

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Appreciated that post back then!
The books I never pulled the trigger on, but have still wanted are the variants for that Black Knight mini series/cut short series (especially the Bradstreet one). I’d always hoped to come across them in the wild but rarely see even the regular one.
I’ve always liked the character & his look.

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@ Alana. Good chance…either that or a Black Knight Captain Britain film.

Same. So crazy that so many books these days that are going for hundred to a couple hundred were $10 to $30 a year to two years ago.