Kitty Pryde? Death?

Just going through the newest previews and I see that Marauders will be revolving around the funeral of Kate Pryde?

I’ve tried to go through blurbs/other books, etc…Anyone hear word of her death or an issue it may take place in?

So many current X-titles that I simply don’t buy them all other than Xmen…I’ve always been a fan of the character and interested to read the story.

I’m a bit behind in my XMen books, but, I have not heard of Kitty’s death.

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Hopefully this pic shows up. I yhought I was fairly current, but 1st I’d heard of it.
I mean, I’m not even talking heat/spec (may or may not be), just curious as to what/when etc as like I said, she’s a character I’ve always enjoyed.

I haven’t had a chance to sit down with my Previews yet. It is interesting as a plot driver, but I don’t think there is any spec value in a death.

Maybe she gets resurrected and had some evil twist to her. I think they could do some cool stuff with a twisted, sinister, Kitty.

I don’t want to sound mean (certainly not to the OP), but damn I hate Kitty Pryde. Jubilee has been consigned to the dustbin, but Kitty will just never go away, mainly because Joss Whedon thought she was the third biggest X-character. They should’ve left her in that asinine space bullet and never brought her back.

Marvel should do a facsimile collection of all the times Kitty said the N-word in Claremont’s run and watch the praise roll in! Chris was really, really fond of getting to say it.

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@bandrew No worries lol…she isn’t like my all time favorite or anything and I def understand what your saying.

In terms of a possible “death”. I’m just surprised in this day of over hype, that I haven’t seen or heard anything at all about it. Maybe she doesn’t and this previews blurb is just trying to throw “us”.

Agree that deaths are not really a spec thing either…just curious.

There are too many x titles for a shot gun preorder without some advance notice on what a death could be in. I guess I’ll just stick to Marauders and see.

Back in the Day, when Superman “died” … if eBay and the rest had been around, that book might have exploded like no other … I’ll never forget the day of release, I had folks lined up around the block, a news crew came by, it was crazy … :vulcan_salute:

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I remember that day as well. The shop I got my comics from that also sold trading cards jacked the price up to $20 on release day too. Maybe that’s why I despise shops from raising the prices on release day… as a kid with only enough money to buy Death of Superman at cover price couldn’t afford it that day…

Yeah, if eBay had been around back then, the durn thing may have hit $500 clams within a week … of course, the media attention is what drove it … I still have folks that bought a copy for like $40 - 50 and come in now and want to “cash in” … I just sadly break the news to them …

Heh… I eventually ended up buying one for $20, had to save up for it. I think I ended up selling it to a friend for $20 couple years later, still bagged of course.

And yes, the media caused the hype for everyone to go seek them out. I remember all the issues leading up to it started creeping up in prices. In the same shopping center where this shop was at, there was a Tom Thumb Grocery that had a spinner rack with most of the previous issues still available. I was telling people on the side seeking out them not to pay shop prices but walk down to the Tom Thumb to nab a copy. :slight_smile:


Well, at least you broke even … :vulcan_salute:

I remember that day too, @Uncle_Willie. I was about 12 years old and was standing in line at my LCS on that day, waiting for my copy of that black polybagged book. :beers:

WHAT??? When??? What issues did this happen in?

Her death took place in the last issue of Mauraders. Decent story killed by Sebastian Shaw

I did a google search just for you lol, I didn’t have these at the ready to whip out:

Kitty/Claremont liked to say it like it was going out of style…