Kudos to an honest seller

Two Wednesdays ago, when TMNT95 came out, revealing Jennika as the new female turtle, I went online and bought a TMNT51 Artist Edition Variant for cover price. That book blew up the next day and I thought the seller was going to not send the book, well, it showed up yesterday, as advertised. The seller was Silver Acres out if the UK, and I want to give them two thumbs up for their professional service.


I’ve fat fingered prices before and honored the price. I’ve also had eBay app fail me and throw in free shipping when I didn’t want free shipping. That’s on me and you got to give praise to honest sellers for sure.

Silveracre cancelled my order of old Comics that I ordered it from him that were atlas comics and refunded me without even telling me so two weeks later. . when I hadn’t received the comics I check my accountant and found that they just give me the money back… I ordered them before they became popular I will never use silveracre again it’s going to cost them more money than they saved by not selling me those comics… which were technically mine seeing as they took payment and had them on my website multiple copies

That sucks, @Ottooctavious. When I ordered my book from them, they never marked my item as ‘shipped’ on eBay. Which raised some red flags for me. I will take your experience into account if I ever visit them again.