Lady Deadpool Movie Appearance

Get your Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #7s on eBay, quick :joy:

I don’t even want to see your browser history if you’re finding stuff like this on the webs… :wink:

They should have put the baseboard back on the wall before shooting. It’s the little things that show you care!


Pornography parodying super-heroes has actually become a huge business. People love sex and people love super-heroes, so there ya go.

I read one interesting feminist-take that pointed out there were countless adult movies featuring female superheroes before there was ever an, “Official,” one from Marvel or DC, making it darkly ironic there was more gender diversity in porn-hero representation than there was in actual movies.

Also, at this point I’m so desperate for any kind of, “Moon Knight,” movie I’d settle for a porn one. Those movies usually get the costume design on-point…even if the costumes don’t stay on for long, lol.

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