Last Minute FOC Notice - Spider-Man Die Cut Chip Kidd Variant

Just got a heads up on a book that was posted this morning with a FOC of tomorrow.

You can order this from the link above. I can’t find this book listed anywhere else online with such short notice.

Here’s the full cover art:

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More info on this cover, this was a cover that was not revealed until this morning. Most retailers likely thought they were just getting a normal cover but now that it’s a die cut, could change the way this one sells. A lot of shops might of passed up on this not knowing the cover art and having a FOC in the middle of the week announced on the day most shops are busy unpacking this weeks orders, could go unnoticed until after it’s too late.

Ahh…the 90s are finally making a comeback!

Loved gimmick die-cut covers. I think Instill have a few. This one is a double die-cut?

May have to order this for nostalgia…

FOC at Diamond tomorrow. I didn’t order the original cover but ordered 4 of this one this morning. Any store should be able to add it on for you thru tomorrow COB.

Really not a fan of Chip Kidd at all, so I’m passing. He is the laziest designer ever, but they act like he’s god-tier. His trade dresses always look ugly to me.

I respectfully disagree. I would not say he is god-tier but I like his stuff.

Less is more in this case. Simple lines, bright color…but let’s be serious I’m buying this only for the die-cut nostalgia!