Last minute SDCC


For the last few days I have been posting variant cover info that I have found. Of those varaints, what would you speculate on and purchase to hold and flip either soon or hold for later.

I am buying a pile for both. 1/2 and 1/2. Sell a few to cover the cost of the now. Here is my list:
Spawn #299 - this cover just looks kick ass - buying 1/2 n 1/2
Canton #1 - hot comic for whatever reason - buying for flip now
Batman 75 silver foil - buying 1/2 n 1/2 - was a great read but I see no spec in it
Teen titans foil - buying for flip.
Cat woman foil - buying for flip

The list goes on, but you get what I’m saying.


On a pure spec note, I sure do like that Canton #1. I feel like if may be the least though about and therefore the most spec worthy.

I loved that book. Everything about it. I think it screams Pixar/animated film. It reminds me of the varied animated/drawn imaging of the intro sequences of Hellboy 2 if anyone recalls that.

Just something about it is magical.

Spawn is always a good choice. The thing I’ve found with Spawn is that it also appeals to a crowd of basically non-comic collectors as well. Horror/macabre fans also love it. I know that is an inconsistent statement, but I think the horror fans that typically don’t buy comics, tend to buy spawn for the imagery and such. I’ve been to horror conventions where there are little comics but typically a box of Spawn comics and other Spawn related things here and there.

Just my thoughts. Best of luck and have fun!!!

That’s the beauty of cons. You sell to those who couldn’t make it and it almost pays for the trip itself. Usually the trips to NYCC either even out or I actually make profit from them.

The DC foils, at least out of NYCC are always quick flips. Gotta get them early and flip’em fast to maximize profits.

I’m betting on the Canto as well, great new series, seriously appealing artwork and story. I read #1 and just loved it and the concept. Love rooting for the little guys in epic adventures.

Always keep an eye out in artists alley as well. Sometimes those artists and creators who have new books might have special limited print editions they are selling themselves.

Haun’s The Realm two years back at NYCC had a special limited issue only he was selling, wrapped in paper bag (think it was limited to 50 or maybe a 100, can’t recall). He was selling them for $20 and those started off at around the $150 range. By the time I got my hands on a few I was flipping them for $75 average.

If anyone wants to get me a Straight Outta Tatooine Boba Fett Toy From DKE booth I’ll send you money.

Bossk! Yes!

If i happen by the booth i will see what i can do , schedule is tight but i have room on saturday and sunday.

Thank you Mike really appreciate it, let me know.

Sdcc was CRAZY last night.

Canto #1 variant sold out in minutes.
Spawn #299 sdcc variant was limited to 250 the first night … 2 per person, sold out in 30 mins. Todd Mcfarlane was quoted by staff “ it sold out already? And it doesn’t even have my signature?”
Walking dead 192 signed , limited to 48 the first night, sold out as well
Marvel capped thier line 10 minutes into opening
Dark horse capped thier line

Crazy… it was a mad house in there and this is only preview!

Any word on if TMNT 95 Second Printing is on hand? Maybe advance covers of MMPR 41 with a surprise Purple Ranger cover?

No turtles at all. Other then 93 … but who wants that?

No on mmpr. Just 40 with orange cover and the other covers solicited.

If you can get 93 cheap it had a low print run. (11,840 according to comichron for 1st month) It seems to be a reoccurring theme that when something big happens, some people try putting together back issues at least in the ranges close to the event happening. Walking Dead 190 is on the TOP TEN BOOKS of LAST WEEK this week.(42,177 print run according to Comichron 1st month) Apparently some people are chasing back issues that had dropped out and the print run from 191 back was low so the supply isn’t going to meet demand.