Last Ronin #1 Ashcan CGC 9.8

For you CGC slab and TMNT lovers, you can pre-order the TMNT Last Ronin #1 Ashcan CGC 9.8 at TFAW for only $140 pre-order.

Seems these go for much more on the secondary, with most recent solds only having a grade of 9.6 sold between $150 to $200 while only MyComicShop has a 9.8 listed for a whopping $565.

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Dam, I wanted this for my collection. I guess they are sold out or a glitch?

This product can’t be added to cart.

The requested qty is not available.

Oh maybe they only had a few…

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You can always give MCS $565 off their eBay listing… :crazy_face:

That’s ok, lol. At a $140 one hand was covering my eyes as I clicked with the other.

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I assume they sent some in from their stores because there is no Diamond code or anything for it?

Man, I was really hoping it would give me green…only got red…too bad!