Last Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Final Trailer Drops Online

What does everyone think? I’m pumped. I just love Star Wars and can’t wait to see what stories they dig up after this saga ends.

I’m looking forward to this just like I have every single SW film prior. I don’t get into too much analysis or over thinking with these films. I’ve loved every aspect of them since I was sitting wide eyed as a 7 year old in 1977.
Will be interesting to see how the “Skywalker Saga” ends!

Heck, I saw a B-wing and a Y-wing…I’m good just with that lol.

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I’m pretty much at…

“Has light sabers, will watch”… :slight_smile:

Was excited to see the Ghost make another live action appearance as well! Would love to see a Rebels cameo or shout out.

hopefully a lot of the reshoot rumors aren’t actually true (if they are…could turn into a justice league level disappointment)

theres just too much they have to do to wrap this up for it not to feel super rushed. trailer wise…uhhh why was there a scene where theres a cavalry charge on horses…? hoping it won’t be as bad as I fear it will be…but with jj making excuses before the first trailer released, the rumors that they used the same “keep reshooting till it works” that john carter used…and reshoots until extremely late that justice league had…very worried. it could be just fine, or even very good…but with some bad similarities to the most recent fantastic four reboot, justice league and john carter…just gotta hope those rumors were just an elaborate “keep the plot and ending a secret” type of move.

Im excited for it, but I’ll wait till I buy it on DVD. Can’t beat seeing it at the comfort of your own home.

There is rumors that The Ghost from Star Wars Rebels May be in there. That could mean the crew could be in there. Rebels is cannon so…