Last thoughts on Black Winter for now?

So Black Winter can take any form he likes and doesn’t seem to have a direct beef with our universe. Rather he was specifically pissed at Galactus.

Is his regular form the black cloud? I’m trying to get a sense of how cates will bring him back and if it will remain a sought after character.

Did anyone get a sense of black winter’s voice as a villain, does it have personality that will make for good arcs?

I have a lot of black winter keys and i’m just wondering. I read through the arc and was entertained, but i’m fuzzy on the character’s ability to keep up this momentum. Cates definitely helps haha

Cates spent the majority of his early run on Thor building the character which was quite popular and sold many books. The character will be back.


Cates is a very purpose-driven writer. Not only will he be back, but he’s been setup to be a very important character.

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Also Black Winter made Marvel money… Disney loves money… I think they love money more than God loves money… :wink:

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Makes sense, I feel like DC has almost become more money driven recently. Or rather, you can clearly see exactly how DC goes about achieving quarterly goals.

Nonstop Batman and Joker, feel free to blend them with every other character as well to maximize their exposure. Repeat.

Definitely a hold… for now.

In King in Black said “The Darkness has teeth” and I wonder of this is a reference to Black Winter?

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I just bought a few VF Thor 169s for $220. I believe it is one of those cheaper Galactus issues that people will seek out who cannot afford his 1st once he hits the big screen and isn’t a purple cloud. Plus it has Black Winters 1st cameo and I am sure Cates will bring that back around sometime

Thor 169 has Black Winter?

Yea it is in a Flashback of Galactus and called Creeping Plague. Donny took that and turned it into Black Winter

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It’s more of an unofficial cameo (not confirmed by Marvel or creators)… it’s likely what inspired Cates writing for Black Winter since he’s based it off Galactus origin story.

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Black winter will be back regardless, and when that happens, my #5 3rd prints will be buying me a beachfront property in Cabo!


I can’t wait for my King in Blacks to pay for me mansions haha