Latest Skybound Mystery Box on Sale

The latest Skybound mystery box is on sale and the Comic Vault starts soon too. The box can be found here…


What kind of stuff comes in the box?

I made money on it last year. Definitely buying 2 again

You get a guaranteed graded book. The prize is getting exclusive foil variants. The rest is action figures and I think 1 trade.

I always get these boxes. A slab, a trade, some toys… I can usually sell the junk I don’t want for more than the box cost.

Code “Welcome” for 10% off

How does the shipping work? I can select “free” but the website says the cutoff is $65.

$45 for a slab…why not lol. The rest of the stuff will just be bonuses.

Last time I ordered 2 at once and got the exact same slab in both boxes, don’t think that is common but a possibility. Ton of stuff besides the slabs in the box, I went ahead and ordered 2 today.

I got 2 of the same slabs in both of my boxes as well. I think I used up all my luck when I got the Negan ruby foil. I hope yall get something good.

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I know I shouldn’t but I got two more…

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