LCS -Ebay feature

I am not in lock down or anything, I am an essential worker (Costco) but my hours have been cut so I am home a little more spending more time reading and on the computer as of late. You all know I wrote out a couple features and would love to continue to do so, since I do think I’m on to something as of right now.
Anyways, I am working on receiving responses from several LCS owners who I’ve reached out too, but if you all have a suggestion or have an LCS I should reach out to, please let me know

just drop me a line at cruzzer2 (at) yahoo (dot) com

I went to BJs Friday and it was interesting to see the Paper Isle filled with Water instead of toilet paper and paper towels. Then if you look closely you start seeing they are filling empty “holes” with Misc product they cant sell, just so it can look “stocked”

I have heard the Walmart’s around me are closing off the center of the store, the clothing and non essentials to make customers focus on food, medicine, and stuff like that. This is helping keep people from just walking around because they are board. Also they are asking people to respect the 1 cart 1 person rule. That only one person from a family should be in the store at a time.

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Both you and Mike C totally hijacked his thread… shame on ya’ll…

Agreed, WTF @Anthony?


I should silence you for one day… bad Anthony… bad! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok for reals, back on topic. If any LCS have eBay stores, etc… post them here or contact Cruzzer

hahaha it was good to get some laughter we all need to unwind in some manner or not…

on another note, i saw anthony posted slabs for sale, im not much of a slab guy myself but i did see this omnibus steal…

Wow, been a while since I took a “CRUZ” on eBay…

My next one is the BEST yet. It’s ready to GO!