Lcsd 2023

Local Comics Shop Day 2023 books are starting to pop up on this months catalog. I expect more to come out in the near future.

Brzrkr Fallen Empire (Cover J - Lcsd Foil Var Frison)
Ranger Academy #1 (Cover H - Lcsd Foil Ejikure)
Something Is Killing the Children #35 (Cover J - Lcsd Foil Variant)
Zawa #1 (of 5) (Cover G - Lcsd Foil Variant) Skotti Young


These $10, $13 cover prices just have to end. $13 is getting close to a trade paperback price, but for that we get 175 pages of content, not 20-40.

Publishers are doing their best to kill the monthly comic business.


I think with the prices they are. A lot of them are going to be foil. But with the pre-orders at least you save 30%

Id rather foil be banned and reduce the prices by $5 dollars…



I would agree with you on that. I would like to stick to $4 and under.


cause last years boom books for this event were so awesome

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I mean, you can just but the regular version for 4 or 5 bucks.

It does seem like making something a foil cover is an excuse to charge double regular cover.


Oh, it absolutely is. Foil does not double production costs. If it does, then stop using it. Or just use it in rare circumstances so that we think it’s special. I’m just stunned at how entirely short-sighted publishers are. This entire hobby is going to collapse in 3 years with the terrible decisions publishers are making right now.


It’s pretty incredible that the lcsd siktc 35 foil has a retail price of 9.99. It was only 3 years ago in 2020 that Boom released siktc #1 lcsd foil at 5.99 cover price. I picked up a few. Now 3 years later their foils for #35 is 9.99.