League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie reboot

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I honestly would not have ever predicted this.

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Rebooting this is about as useful as a Wonder Twins movie. Nobody cares or wants it.

I mean, at least we can know Alan Moore is 100% behind this and supports it. Right?


It could be good it they did it like the comic, not the movie. It should be R-rated, like the Boys. They tried to do this with Penny Dreadful - started off well, and then degenerated into a mess of over-acting and a convoluted storyline.

The book was R rated? I never read might have to find. I enjoyed the movie for what it was.

Wrong parsing of words - meant that the Boys was R-rated (not really, but pretty adult). The comic was adult (IMO) in nature - nudity, dialog, etc. Just feel any relaunch of the ‘Extra …’ TV show/movie should be in the same vein (adult, violent, etc.) - not the silly movie storyline. Penny Dreadful had the violence, nudity; the story though meandered and lots of hanging threads.

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