Leave on the Light #1 Spec

Hi all,

Another piece of potential spec here. Writer Bradley Golden from Antarctic Press shared this tweet. Not sure how certain his track record is, but if anyone sees this book on the shelf, wouldn’t be a bad idea to pick it up. I think it had 3 variants.

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I saw that on my twitter feed as well. Was gonna post it on the site proper tonight

I grabbed a couple. I have a listing with some watchers but nobody has bitten yet. Maybe I listed it too high, but I like to list higher and accept best offers. Usually I get an offer for what I actually want paid, or if I’m lucky someone buys at the full-price.


I read this book today. Great writing and art. Three part mini series, I’m in… Small print run and this movie news just sweetens the opportunity… No brainer for me. Be well everyone, enjoy. :v:

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