LEGO 76191 Infinity Guantlet - Yes Please!

Here’s one I think most here can appreciated even if you don’t do LEGO.

Infinity Guantlet 76191 - This page briefly showed up before now giving a 404 error. You can see the google cached version here. So the set is definitely on it’s way so keep checking back on that first link. The cached removed the images but here’s the set:

I believe I read that it was Wal-Mart that spilled the beans by listing this set first (out of stock of course since hasn’t actually gone on sale as of yet).


Want one.

Saw this the other day. Definitely on the lookout for it.

Sold out on Amazon. Available at Lego.

LEGO Infinity Gauntlet 76191 | Marvel

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Thanks @rjahn98 - picked up two!

One for self and one will be gifted away. Cheers!

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Nice, updated my link in op as well.

FYI that I did get an email from Lego telling me they the items were back ordered. Wonder if I missed out :thinking:

That’s odd, since they’re pre-ordered items. Maybe it’s just a generic backorder email since they don’t ship until August 1st.

Best Buy also has this listed as a pre-order

I think you nailed it. Prob just a system default as the release date is in August, I believe.

The Walmart link shows preorder availability now too btw.