LEGO Art - Iron Man

This is way cool… We need more Marvel Heroes than just Iron Man for real…

LEGO Art - Marvel Iron Man

They apparently have Star Wars SITH as well… coming Sept 1st, which is another must. I’m almost tempted to buy 3 sets just to be able to display all 3 variations… ughh… LEGO… killing me, I want them all!

I’m building the Iron Man set tonight. Going for the 3-part ultimate version. :blush:


Not completely done yet (still need to build the frame), but the main image is complete!


How was the experience for you? Did you have fun putting it together?

That’s way cool

It’s definitely different from any other set I have, more like a paint-by-numbers than a traditional Lego set. I think the finished product is worth it, though.

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It does look very cool. Great stuff. :+1: