LEGO Bumblebee 10388

Pretty slick LEGO that also transforms…


Still waiting on a Megatron or Starscream

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Yeah, they got Optimus Prime so hopefully more keep coming. I’m sure they’re testing the waters with these to see if they should create more characters or not.


Two things I was obsessed with in my youth, mid 8os: Legos and transformers.

I actually was creating my own transformers out of legos that would actually transform from cars to robots. And this was in the early days of Technic legos and other elaborate pieces to make moving parts. I just took simple transforming features from the toys I had and recreated them with the basic blocks and mechanical pieces available…

I wish someone had take pictures of my creations. I was ahead of my time by nearly 40 years…

I laughed at the Kreo sets where you had to disassemble the robot or car to transform it into the other…I knew ot could be done better.

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For those interested in the Prime LEGO set… Amazon has sale pre-Prime sale 20% off for Optimus Prime 10302

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I saw these at the Lego store the other day. Pretty cool.