Lego Celebrate Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary with New R2-D2 Droid Figure

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It would be cool if it was a robotic lego where you can program it.

Can order from on May 1st.

I want it… give it to me!

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Cool. I might get that for my oldest since he has robotics in school. Thanks for sharing.

Very welcome. I tried to search the LEGO site first but wasn’t finding it. Looks like you can find it around $150 elsewhere too.

I can’t even understand how some would be selling it for that cheap, the $199.99 is what they are likely buying them at. Gotta be some type of gotcha or some obscene amount of shipping costs.

I can’t be bothered driving the 20 miles to the only LEGO store here in Austin so I just order online from LEGO, most of the time it’s free shipping and only takes 2 days to arrive while I also add VIP points to my account to save up and use to knock off the price of future sets.

Totally agree. That $199.99 price point isn’t bad imo. Especially with Disney tax as well haha.

Closest one to me is Chicago, Troy, or Castleton so I feel you on buying online. I try and snag as much as I can from Target to get RedCard discount at least. Plus they tend to run more frequent specials. I’ll buy from LEGO directly if good incentives though. I mean I did buy the NES set as soon as it came out. Haven’t built it yet since still need to move, and I’d prefer not taking apart large sets right now lol.

It’s a recent revelation to me that you are such a big LEGO fan.

I know you mean @agentpoyo

For me, it’s a relaxing thing / mental health stimulus. It’s def an expensive and large amount of storage hobby, but something I enjoy. Now that my daughter will be four this year, more of my sets I can include her on. Minus the building of course.

Pour a bourbon. Open a set. Build. Ahhhh

LEGOs are the best…