LEGO May The 4th Be With You!


For all you Star Wars fans who happen to love LEGO’s as well…


You can get the really cool looking Death Star II Battle scene set for any Star Wars purchases over $75. LEGO always has free shipping if purchases are over $35 and I order quite a bit from them, usually sets arrive within 2 days.


Also, these LEGO free sets pay off for those who intend to flip them.

One set has already sold for $100.00 with a bunch more popping up around the $60 BIN price.


Liking the Razor Crest…

Double points this weekend too… ya have to bite the bullet and flip the free set to offset the purchase!


Yeah, it’s a pre-order though, not shipping until September or so. Wish it was sooner… still might have to order one for myself. I’m still thinking about the A-Wing as well…

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