LEGO NES 71374 Custom Cartridges

Thought this was cool… someone is making customer NES Cartridges to sell along with those who bought the new LEGO NES 71374 set that comes with Mario Bros cartridge.

Check them out here…

These are sold out right now at LEGO… and selling for around $300, plus or minus on most sales. Not terrible flip but sometimes with these if you intend to flip LEGOs you hold out longer, over time unopened box sets go for way more…

I’m going to buy a 3D printer and make my own LEGO CHU themed sets. First up life size Anthony reviewing a comic we will get it on Kickstarter.

Will this LEGO of @Anthony be anatomically accurate? I want to verify if something @agentpoyo told me is true…


Tis is true… I never lie… except when I lie about lying… :wink:


Sadly a lego figure is about accurately sized for height. I am not a tall guy.