LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System

Don’t forget folks, August 1st the awesome new LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System goes on sale where I believe LEGO will also be announcing 17 other Nintendo related products as well.

Get your thumbs ready! On 8/1 LEGO launches the ultimate Exclusive LEGO Group and Nintendo set: The Nintendo Entertainment System™ in LEGO brick format! This set is feature-packed to recreate the iconic gaming console from Nintendo, and you see a brick-based scene come to life as an 8-bit Mario jumps across a retro 80s-style TV. And you even build a LEGO replica of the original game pak cartridge.

See the video of the set with incredible detail here:

This exclusive is part of the wider launch of LEGO Super Mario on August 1st, comprising of 17 unique LEGO products and each showcasing the wonderous world of Super Mario & Nintendo. Prices will range from $4.99 - $229.99. More on this exciting new theme coming in our next newsletter!

If only there was a website like comics heating up but devoted to LEGO announcements…

I know right… :wink:

Funny you put this up. Bought one (well pre-ordered it) on Amazon yesterday so my son and I could build it. He just turned three and is starting to love this stuff both Lego and Mario/Pac man…Will have to keep the box as nice as possible but doubt it will keep its collectible status after he is done with it.

This is a set I’m buying 2 of. One to build and the other to preserve in the box. :slight_smile:

How much are they on Amazon? I would buy from Amazon but getting VIP points from LEGO and their shipping is top notch. Yeah Amazon is fast but LEGO most of the time gets them to me in about 2 days after ordering (and if they’re in stock).

It’s really expensive, for the price it should be a working emulator.

Actually I thought it was going to be $250… but that’s about the price all LEGO sets are for the amount of pieces in it.

You can afford it… since you got that nice $350 for your Legends you were bragging about… :wink:

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That’s got to replace what I spent out of my grading money :speak_no_evil:

My wife actually told me about it after she ordered it. I think our son say a commercial for it and with the whole Corona thing we are always looking for ways to keep him from getting bored and cabin fever. If he gets more into Legos I will have to look at the VIP points offered from Lego. I;m pretty sure it was suggested retail with the free shipping.

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Don’t forget to spend a few Lego VIP points on this raffle…

That’d be nice to own but I’m saving my points this round.

The NES sets are live… limited to 2 per… I got my order in for 2 cause I’m a LEGO nerd…

Not sure how long this will last but if you were intending on getting this awesome set, LEGO sold out pretty quickly after releasing these on their site on Saturday. Tyson who frequents CHU from ToyBoxOne told me via private messaging that he visited his local LEGO store in town and they were sold out over the weekend as well, so he had to snag his from online before they sold out.

This might be one of those sets that just sells out quickly… so move fast if you’re a Nintendo fan and I’ll be watching the secondary market sales, as I usually intend to keep an extra for the long term gamble sale, might be tempting to sell one sooner if it covers the cost for both that I bought. :slight_smile:


I received mine on August 4th, but haven’t started on it yet here.