LEGO PS4 Spider-Man SDCC 2019

LEGO PS4 Spider-Man SDCC is the LEGO to get if you’re going to go for any of the LEGO exclusives at SDCC 2019.

This mini-figure is already selling for almost $379.99 on eBay pre-sales.

[quote=“agentpoyo, post:1, topic:312”]
This mini-figure is already selling for almost [$379.99 on eBay pre-sales][/quote]


OMG…there’s a Spider-Man exclusive LEGO figure from 2013 SDCC hat sells for $3000…how many of these do they make?

Because these minifigures are usually so limited, lots of demand. A lot of people collect just the minifigures.

There’s been minifigures that have gone for several thousands of dollars.

Some are super limited and the only way to get them is to win them. Can’t even go up and buy them.

There was 125 Iron Man Captain America figures from the 2012 Toy Fair that sell over 1k on a good day as well.

Hoky $hit. That is nuts. Ive been flipping the wrong thing all these years!

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I’ll get you from China for $1.75

There’s money to be made with LEGO. That’s if you can get your hands on the right ones or have a lot of patience.

Seriously though, the LEGO sets I’ve been buying (which is seldom) I’ve started to buy 2 sets. One to build and one to keep sealed in the box. Over time they have great resell value.

Pffttt… nobody wants the cheap counterfeits.

One Black Friday I ordered 26 items from game stop and the promotion was a lego dimensions exclusive green arrow per order. They gave me one green arrow per item ordered I had 26 of them making $20-$30 a pop. It paid for my whole GameStop order then some.

Yeah, if you’re a LEGO VIP, you can get in early on some new sets before publicly released. Most of the time it’s like a $20 to $50 profit margin so it doesn’t pay for the entire set but it’s like getting the set you keep at discount if you buy two of them.

The freebies they give out from time to time can pay off as well. Spend $100 and get a free set that sometimes flip for $20 to $50 as well.

LEGO’s are great though. I almost do them for the almost therapeutic sensation they give me as a way to zone out from everything else.

The last set I bought was the NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander as I love NASA and the Apollo Lunar history.

I’ve been putting this one together at work during breaks… It’s a great way to decompress from a long day at work.

Seems like that 2013 Spider-Man and $3000 may top the list.

I thought I read the Gold CP-3O once fetched almost 10k at auction once. I’d have to dig some more to find it though.

I don’t know if I’d go on one sales data. Need to see a trend. I could pay $1,000,000 for a gold 3PO LEGO figure…doesn’t make it worth $1M, but makes me an idiot.

At least there are multiple recent sales of the Spider-Man around $3K to validate its worth.

Love that NASA Lunar Lander…now I want one. May need to flip some legos I have now to justify the $100 buy in for its retired…Or ask for it as a b-day gift!

We’re all idiots if you really think about materialism… all this “stuff” that isn’t a necessity for life is just nonsense. But then again, we are buying stuff with money that is basically backed by nothing. Goverments print money, say it’s worth X amount and we just take their word for it.

Q: ‘Any intelligent person knows that life is a beautiful thing and that the purpose of life is to be happy…But it seems only idiots are ever happy. How can we explain this?’

A: Comic books. :wink:

I could be happy without comics and just about everything else we consume our daily lives with.

In fact, the times I’m the happiest is when I have no agenda and I’m out hiking in the wild at some national park. My plans when the kids go off to college is to get rid of everything, buy a nice truck to pull my RV and go live at national parks 3 to 6 months at a time. My days will be filled with drinking a cup of coffee and staring at some awesome scenery all day…

Great plan, but it would be better, imo, with some nice reading material to enjoy while there. :wink: