LEGO Star Wars Helmet Series

Bored in quarantine or shelter at home orders while running out things to do? Tired of organizing comics? Completed all the puzzles in the house? Just need a good way to make the time go by faster? Star Wars fan?

Well, LEGO released a new line of Star Wars Helmets which are perfect for any shelf or perhaps a desk.

Currently there are 3 helmets available. I posted this over at my site but figured I’d share here as well.

The first one comes in at 625 pieces and is the helmet of one of the most popular characters to come out of Star Wars, Boba Fett Helmet #75277.

Another favorite is the TIE Fighter Pilot Helmet #75274 and comes in at 724 pieces.

Last is the famous Stormtrooper #75276. A helmet I’m sure just about everyone in the world could identify. I’m willing to bet this helmet has more screen time in the movies than any other seen helmet. Coming in at 647 pieces.

As big a Boba fan as I am, the tie fighter pilot is the best.

By two of the Bobas then with a few replacement pieces you can have the severed head of Jango too…

I feel almost the same… I really dig the TIE Fighter one as well.