LEGO Tatooine Homestead (40451) with LEGO Purchase

Just FYI for you LEGO fans, today you can qualify with LEGO purchases in getting the LEGO Tatooine Homestead (40451) set for free that’s now selling for $30 or more on eBay.

I had to keep my purchases smallish today cause I just have too many sets so far with no place to display them so I bought myself and the boy a Darth Vader Helmet to qualify for the set, as we’re both Vader fanatics.

May the 4th Be With You!

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Double LEGO VIP points also. If you can do it in-store, you also get a free LEGO Imperial Shuttle polybag (30388).

It may be heresy here but LEGO reselling is better than comics… :grinning:

Yeah, I can’t be bothered going to the only LEGO shop here in Austin and the last time I went cause the kid wanted to go (I tried to not go to the mall as it’s a COVID hotspot) the damn store was closed and only doing curbside deliveries, which pissed me off cause nothing online stated they were not open.

Well, Texas is now fully opened for Cov…er…business so it shouldn’t be an issue anymore.


I do like that set…but not enough to spend $60 to get it…I’d have to sell whatever I bought and likely it would be at a loss close to $30
When adding I free shipping…

$30 seems very reasonable.

Not Austin… they keep telling Abbott he’s an idiot and continuing some much needed guidelines and rules.

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I see. His executive order only addressed vaccine passports, not suspending all local emergency mandates.

Man, CT is going to beat TX to the punch! But we also have 50% of our adults fully vaccinated (69% at least one dose)…


Well, Austin is like an entirely different country compared to anything outside of Travis County here in Texas. It doesn’t take long before you venture into lands where rednecks have their guns displayed in the back window of their pickup trucks… :wink: