List of all Netflix's upcoming comic projects

List of all Netflix’s upcoming comic projects…


Wonder if this will increase values for these…


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i bought a stack of those for demon slayer spec, didnt think zom would be the one to get live action first

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Zom 100 is a really good manga. I rather see it an anime cuz they always ruin live action movies based on manga (I’m looking at you Cowboy Bebop).

my hope is that manga and video game movies/show are like early comic movies, trash for a long time till some one starts doing them right, im hoping the last of us does that for game movies/shows

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If only lol

It’s amazing, I like the manga تحميل and also like the movie adaptation of it

Zom 100. What is the title of the bottom book? I tried eBay but that one was not shown. Any help is appreciated!

The FCBD first apperance of Zom 100? Is that the book you’re looking for?

The one in Japanese. I couldn’t find any on eBay.


The magazine is called Monthly Sunday Gene-x. GX. The magazine is issue #221 Nov. 2018

Its going to be hard to find specially in the US. If you have a Book-Off where you like, you might get lucky since they carry everything manga and Japanize magazines.


Thank you very much!

I’ve found Manga sites that show it but either don’t have it in stock or ship to the U.S.

Its an old magazine. Going to be tuff to get.

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