Lois lane #10

Hi all
With all the heat on lois lane #7 and 8. This cover to #10 would it be the 1st cover app of Kiss Of Death? Its out in April.images

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I saw that last week, which made me think this character was going to stick around for a few issues and convinced me to order issue 8 from MCS. Order arrived today! Haven’t opened it yet though.

The variant for issue 10 is a Lotay cover.

Some might remember her work from Pearl #8.

I like her work. I may grab cover B just because Lotays work doesn’t show up too often…also first cover is rarely a spec book unless it’s also a first appearance of the character.

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Probably going to finish out the mini-series I’d imagine. Isn’t Lois a 12 issue series?

Tula def has a small, very loyal fanbase. She is a top notch artist.