Loki Specs

Wednesdays? Interesting.

It’s a trick! Don’t fall for it!

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Vote Loki is moving. Probably should list one of my copies.

Got $70 on my last copy I sold have two left

No bites on my Thor #617 Tron variant at $199.99.

Guess 'gator Loki already took all of them?



Loki “Specs”

I’d sport that any day

That’s because the regular cover has Kid Loki on it. The Tron Variant is the less desirable of the two books because of that.

Really surprised Avengers #23 hasn’t taken off more with it being the first appearance of Ravonna Renslayer. She will most likely be back and since she was “Kang’s lover” in the comic book, I can imagine we will see her again.

Avengers 267 has been selling. I just sold a copy as well. It’s the 1st Council of Kangs.

Avengers 23 is reprinted In Marvel Triple Action 17. If anyone wants a cheaper option from buying Avengers 23.

I picked up an okay condition Avengers 267 at small comic show Saturday. Listed it before bed and it was sold by Sunday morning for 3 times what I paid for it.


This is the way.

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Found two copies of Avengers 267 in good condition a few months back for $2 each in a long box (based on a good spec recommendation from CHU-Peeps). Flipped one this past week, kept the other for the PC. Awesome cover.

Your guys’ thoughts on Kang variants popping up?
He did say infinite versions of himself started to converge in a past timeline.

I don’t think we’ll see Kamala Kang like people are thinking


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Just Antman Scott Kang

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She’s kinda cute. Too bad.

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