Loki Spoiler thread you have been warned!

This will be for Loki spoilers to keep the rest of the forum spoiler free.

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I am going to start out by saying everything they thought was gonna happen in WandaVision and Falcon/Winter Soldier that didn’t, happens here. Blue Marvel, Fantastic Four, Omega Red. Wow, it was awesome. Prepare to have your minds blown.

Sorry crass sarcasm font didn’t come out.


Even Mephisto? OMG

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Mephisto is red. Omega Red. What’s the opposite of red? Blue. Blue Marvel. Who is the most famous team in blue? The Fantastic Four. It’s all related man :tinfoilhat:


The only question I have is list my Vote Loki #1 now, or hold off for a few episodes?

I like how you incorporated the new tin foil hat emoji!

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Thank you.

Really great nothing much to add Mobius, Ravonna Renslayer, time keepers all already known. Big twist at the end looks like lady Loki is the villain.

Oh yeah they showed Mephisto

Ps: really weird too that the picture posts upside down when I posted it that’s never happened before

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It was a very good first episode.

It only happens when u post devils

Ya’ll’s welcome for the new tin foil hat emoji… :wink:

Taken with phone? iPhone? If yes, known bugs with their shitty phones that strip orientation on photos and such. Get a droid, get a real man’s phone! :wink:

Somethings I noticed that may be worth looking at or are complete red herrings
Kablooie Gum

The elevator at the end of the episode flashed these letter/number combinations

iphones cost more so they have to be better

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Uhh… Apple wants you to think that. :wink:

I go to a lot of Russian sites as you know Poyo I need the Apple security lol

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Apple, Droid… they’re all listening and feeding NSA your conversations so it doesn’t really matter in today’s world. But yeah, Apple sucks. Apple really wants you to use all Apple products. When their stuff starts playing with other things, that’s when things don’t quite work like they should.

So that’s likely what your image is upside down. When the forum resized the image (cause direct uploads resize to fit accordingly, apple images seem to lose their “orientation” apparently as it’s stripped from the meta info apparently.

Everyone else plays by the RFC rules when it comes to techie stuff… Apple thinks they’re special so that’s why their stuff doesn’t play well with others.

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I read Kablooie Gum is something that was in old comics book ads. You remember the ads for random toys—X-ray glasses and sea monkeys, etc.? the Kablooie Gum was something that was trick gun you could buy in the ads and it would turn your mouth blue.

It makes me think… who would give a kid trick gum in an older time period? Maybe Kid Loki? It’s been thought we would see multiple versions of Loki in the show. Kid Loki could be one. Although, I don’t believe it was kid Loki setting the fire at the end. Just random thoughts. Guess we’ll see. But I really enjoyed episode 1. Much more than the first 2 shows.