Looking for Simpsons Collectibles

hey yall

if you’re looking to scale down your simpsons collectables in order to scale up your comic collection please let me know because i’m doing the opposite :+1:

mainly interested in video games (nintendo/sega era i.e. anything but road rage and hit & run), world of springfield figures, prints and animation art. but if you have some other unique items i’m open to it.

open to trade for comics, too!

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Good luck! I would also make another post in the “For sale or trading” area here as well for more visibility.

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I can just move, no need to duplicate posts.

I have animation cells and lithos. But not for sale.


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well that’s just great haha :smile:

An art gallery that used to be not far from me had a lot of animation cells, Nancy Cartwright came and did a signing there. I bought a lot of stuff with her there. She also called my brother and left a voice mail in Ralph Wiggum’s voice.

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man that sounds amazing
fyi vice tv’s 2nd season of “icons: unearthed” just came out and it’s on the simpsons. 1st season was star wars.

I will check it out