Looking for XM #1

I have a friend that is working on his X-Men run. He missed out on a .5 copy recently and he’s been dwelling on it. As you can see, he’s completing a PC run, and low grades are ok, but is looking for complete (even if detached cover). Please DM me if you have, or know someone who might have an issue, and is willing to part ways.


My LCS had a 4.0 for $5K. I just checked and they sold it. I’ll keep an eye open for you.

That’s a good deal you could made $5000-$8000 profit if you bought it and flipped it

Lol. Don’t have that kind of money sorry. Those books are rich people books. $2K and under are my kind of books and on a layaway payment plan lol

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@Gbess I appreciate it!

I used to own two copies of this. One of which i bought at a comic show in Utica, NY at Mohawk Valley Community Colleges cafeteria for $50 in 1992. One I bought from Ravenswood also in Utica, NY but I don’t remember the price. I then sold them on Ebay about 6 years later for good profit but not the kind of profit had I held onto them. Couldn’t though. Needed money to move to California. Thus you have now heard the sad story of my awesome comic collection disappearing.


Haha I nearly believed you but to move to Cali you need to sell your organs and your children if you have any


At the time in the late 90’s we were paying $1000 a month for a studio with roaches and a homeless guy who slept on the steps of the entryway. Those places are like $3000 a month now in the bay area. It’s insane


Living in SoCal is no joke. Gets expensive every year.

Happening most places. Austin cost of living is skyrocketing. All you Cali people are moving here thinking the houses are bargains… buying up houses only worth 200k for 400-600k+… you people are nuts, stay in California with your ridiculous cost of living please! :wink:

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Lol. I think it’s more because of the tax increase. We avoid going to a certain city here cuz taxes there are 8.75%. Nah I’m good paying my 7.75% lol

In the early/mid 90’s a person making average money could actually afford to live in CA…Now it does help to have an extra healthy kidney…just in case.

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Well we all will be living in Italy in $1 houses soon enough with this current round of inflation.


Thought about that but theres catches to those $1 houses… Its gonna cost a whole lot more than a dollar in the end…

sheesh i woulda snatched that one up!

Keep Austin Weird

I think they said you need to invest 20k within 12 months to renovate the houses otherwise you’ll lose ownership, also it’s meant to be really hard to be approved for a lot of the renovations

Yup and then one has to realize the cost of traveling back and forth… during a pandemic… yeah, no thanks.