Low Grade Key Issues

Just looking to get peoples thoughts on collecting low grade key issues. I myself, collect these tattered, beaten issues, mostly because they are usually much cheaper and it is away that I can obtain these mega key issues and own that piece of comics history. I don’t have an intention of offloading my collection, so resale doesn’t factor too heavily into it and I’m not concerned with eye appeal as the contents of the book shine through the deformed exterior. And I completely understand that most people look for eye appeal or buy to speculate and invest, both important things in their own right. Just a topic to pick your collective brains. Let me know what you think!

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I like beat up issues too, I think it gives them character. What I do try to avoid is older issues that are missing pages or parts of the cover. I’ll take a nice key beaten up but I still want most of it intact.

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I agree that it gives character. Comics are an entertainment medium, first and foremost, and I like to see that they have been used for that at some point. I have a few comics that have the title ripped off where the shop owner used it for returns, a few coverless issues and one where an ad page has been removed that didn’t affect the story. That’s where I draw the line. Do what you want to the book, but leave the story intact!!

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“Better low grade than no grade.”

I’m lucky to have a few old runs of Kirby, I’m currently finishing off SWAMP THING first series… I enjoy that it’s all in reader condition so I just enjoy it for what it is, the story, the smells of old paper, and childhood memories… HIGH GRADE is awesome for resale and highly recommended for CGC slabbing/profit… But sometimes it’s all just about reading a great book! Do whatever makes you happy bud, enjoy… Great topic be well…

When I first got back in collecting cheapest was best for me $10 FF#52, $40 FF#48 come to mind both ended up nice when graded 4.0 #52 5.5 48 even though they were the cheapest. Ive always looked at it like a 1.0 Action Comics #1 is still worth a house so dont be afraid of low grade books. These days I shoot for 3.0 or higher when buying silver age 5.0 or higher when buying bronze. Just bought a first Wasp last week that’s a 2.5. My DareDevil #1 has hole punches lol but still is a good looking copy. A little wear is a good thing in vintage MTG cards it helps prove they’re not fakes, so with a low grader comic you know you’re buying the real deal.

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Good point also about the reader copies to just enjoy the classics! I read a bunch of the old ones just because I’m not worried about the condition of them. Congrats Alana on the 1st Wasp!! That’s a great book to have. I see your Daredevil #1 with hole punches and raise you a Silver Surfer #3 with tape all over the spine and 3 additional staples added through the front cover to hold the spine together haha


I won’t buy a coverless book that’s about as far as my concern goes. Restored, trimmed, cut outs, missing back cover, if the deal is there and it’s the best deal on the book, I won’t think twice on purchasing it because of these things.

I raise you a Flash #105 with half a back cover :rofl:

Oh this could be a dangerous game haha. How about a Journey Into Mystery #84, coverless and with a full first page of a story missing. The Thor story is complete tho!

I would pass and throw down the $2000-$2500 for a complete low grade 83. Which I almost did when it was @ $1500 for a low grade but I picked a 3.5 Xmen #1 that day instead for $1800. At that time I could of got a 2.0 Hulk #1 for $2500 I was really torn what to do, think I ended up with the right book.

This is issue 84, 2nd appearance and 1st Jane Foster so definitely not that much. It wasn’t advertised as missing the page, but was when it arrived. Messages the seller and got half my money back. $35 for that book was a fair price I thought

That’s a good deal.

Yeah, I was really happy with it!

I love saving old comics from destruction. Will show off some of my beaten up gems later. I love low grade keys and think there is room for growth with them.

If it originally cost 10 or 12 cents, I’ll buy almost any grade as long as it’s priced reasonably. It’s the only way I can afford those early runs. You can always upgrade and there are plethoras (what exactly is a plethora?) of collectors that feel the same way. Low grade over no grade.

P.S. Some of the books in my collection are double-bagged because I’m pretty sure there is some mold spores that need mitigation.

Low grade is the only way that I can afford some of the books that I want too. A comic that is a rag is sometimes the only one in my price range and I’d much rather have that, than not have it at all.

I also have a comic that I had to double bag for the same concern haha. There is also a couple that I can no longer take out of their bags as the amount of work it entails to safely get them back in without ruining them further is too great.

For the “harder to find” or expensive keys, low-grade are all I pretty much collect. There are so many great keys out there and I’d rather have a low-grade than none at all. I too am not focusing on profiting but I figure, if it is truly a good key, it will go up so I won’t be losing money, but again, that is a secondary concern for me. To each their own!