Lucy gets a suit in BW #10 spoilers ahead

Somewhere around 900 copies of the 1st print.

i got 3 of them, with 3 2nd print ratios

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I can only find issues 5 & 8 on comichron. Nothing in between. That site is such a hassle.

they only started doing order numbers again in june,

Didn’t they still do the index thing during that time?

they were giving there own estimates, by polling a hand full of stores, in june diamond started to give out number again

Did you see a retailer preview for BW #10?

nope stores get there books a few days early

Off topic, but this could be a good one this week.

yep i bought out midtown for 18 each

So you find out what happens with diamond books on Monday’s? That’s a big advantage. I can’t imagine midtown sold out before today.

Why ?

Because it’s a day’s head start. If u mean midtown, there wasn’t much talk about before yesterday

Sorry, I meant why is it a good spec ?

1st app of multitude. There’s a pic in poyo’s thread about books this week

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i knew about avengers 1st app 2 days ago cause of this article, bought the last copies of the ratio from midtown as soon as i saw it

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Seems like a powerful villain. That bodes well for the book. The new cosmic marvel characters are usually worth a shot.

he survives the book, but im not sure he is a villain. stopped fighting capt and stark to save a person from dyeing. the soul voices in his head seem bad but he seems good, i like the take there giving him

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What about the new Kang descendent from FF #35? Does he look cool? Last page cameo? Thanks for the help.

no clue, didnt read it, new ff spec is pretty much a no go for me, it never does well