Luna Snow, Guillotine and Video Game Speculation

Luna Snow first appeared in Marvel’s Future Fight Video game. This was also accompanied by a music video which based on view count means she has a following overseas. Her first comic appearance is in the ever-heating up War of Realms: Agents of Atlas #1.

Another video game to comics character that was a little more overlooked was the female-with-a-big-sword Guillotine from Marvel’s Contest of Champions game. She was featured in the game prior to the Secret Wars 2015 Contest of Champions comic book.

COC #1 is sitting on eBay at around cover price and probably in a lot of dollar bins. Any chance Marvel will push this character to the fore in the future similar to Luna Snow or is she dead in the water?

Is Guillotine a hero or a villain? If she is the former, then there is always a chance. Agents of Atlas is getting a monthly title in the next few months, so that title may be a great place for Marvel to introduce some of these other COC characters. If she is the latter then I would say she is dead in the water.

Here’s the synopsis from

When she was twelve years old, Jeannine Sauvage was lured by a voice to a room in her house that was usually locked. Inside a chest she discovered a sword, La Fleur du Mal. While inspecting the weapon, she accidentally slit her finger with its edge, and the blood dripped into the sword. This caused Jeannine to become cursed to wield this bloodthirsty sentient sword like her ancestors before her. While the sword was evil, Jeannine used it for good, acting as a vigilante in Paris named Guillotine when she grew up. However, Guillotine had a dubious reputation, caused by the dark legacy of the previous people that used the name and the sword.

She’s also appeared in issues of U.S. Avengers as a member of Champions of Europe

From the synopsis, she sounds like she is an anti-hero. Is the 2015 COC #1 a 616 universe book? Probably not. What issue is her 1st, in the 616? I do like the fact that Captain Britain is part of her team, the Europe Avengers. That bodes well for her chances, imo.

Maybe we look at the Arkham Knight as a precedent for these video game adaptations. I think his DC continuity 1st is worth more than his video game adaptation 1st.

luna snow is what made me order heavy pre foc on AoA #1 marvel and dc both want to break into Asian markets. and from what ive heard from a few ebay sellers a decent chuck of the suayan and ratio variants are being shipped over seas.and with shang chi coming to mcu marvel severely lack Asian characters to go with him

I assume the Battlerealm of Secret Wars is no where near 616.

I would peg her appearance in U.S. Avengers #2 as her first Earth-616 appearance. Her first cover appearance in 616 as well as (what I assume) 1st Champions of Europe is issue #7 (US Avengers).