Mace Windu #5 40th Anniversary variant for trade

Hi All,
I am looking to trade my Mace Windu #5 variant for hopefully a High Republic# 1 Hans variant. Please let me know if you might be interested.

I can do that.

For this type of stuff I usually like to ship the books to trade to @Anthony, pay him postage and have him exchange the books to our respective addresses. That way we each have an independent third party verify the trade before it is shipped to the final recipient. Escrow.

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I think you do that to annoy Anthony. You hide behind the excuse of anonymity or trade integrity. :grin:

What is Anthony’s kickback for this? :face_with_monocle:

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I kick him in the back.


Or I can send him my Malavia HAHA #1 variant.

Sounds good to me. Gives me an excuse to send some books for a giveaway again. I will get it sent out this week. Please let me know how much to send for shipping @Anthony. Thanks Wooky!

I’ll do the same. Just waiting to hear back from @Anthony about whether I ruined his Tuesday by tasking him.

Dang. Just got a hans variant in my TCM box

Isn’t this the day he spends most of his time in the comic shop latrine flipping through books and taking pictures? The quietly placing the books back on the shelf…

Never take the first copy in the stack…

I think today is the day he drives around town shooting pictures of dogs’ rear ends to trade with his spoiler source.

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I wouldn’t send anything to @Anthony nowadays… the USPS seems to really go out of their way to mess up all packages incoming and outgoing…

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