Madam Satan #1 unique store variant

This one crosses collectible markets.

Available tomorrow 11am est stadium comics

Madam Satan is a one-shot from Archie Comics. Easy pass

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But its a Magic The Gathering cover with a small print run, 35 million people play Magic The Gathering.

I dont give a crap about Magic The Gathering. I’d guess most comic collectors dont either. Niche market.

And Magic The Gathering comics dont sell well.

A TnA Shannon Maer variant would sell better than this.

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Like that Black Lotus though.

I think it’s cool cover but I’m kind of with Monopoly on this one… when I’m at Dragon’s Lair (huge Magic gatherings there), I never see them dip over to the comic side… I think they’d appreciate it but I don’t see them all rushing out to buy it.

And yes, it’s Archie. I’ve been burned way too often on Archie comics… never again will I spec on Archie… NEVAH!!!

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I like how the print run is clearly indicated. “…250 printed…”. That is one saving grace.

I like the cover and like the print run clearly stated. Still not getting one but might print out a high rez pic of one.

Pass for me as well. Magic the gathering is far to niche and not an easy flip.

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I have a box in the garage with unopened Magic the gathering Comics with Free cards! man i thought it was gonna be an easy sell later in life.

Send me the cards. My son plays. Lol. I have Alpha, Beta, and Unlimited from when I played back in college.

Umm sell those even if you don’t have anything good alpha and beta commons still fetch cash

Yeah. My son gets tired of them I am selling them.