Madame Web flip (Amazing Spider-Man #210)

It seems Sony wants a Madame Web movie!

Not sure what the chances are of this actually happening, but this seemingly $10-max book is on fire. Recent sales as high as $60. Flip them if you have them.

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Spider-Man #210 in un graded NM has actually been about a $25 to $30 book for a while, but mid grades have been dirt cheap for the longest time. IF Sony is going to grow the Spider-Man universe I can see her making an appearance on the big screen. Time will tell on that one. Still, I can see this spec hanging around for a while. As always, if you have one or more and don’t care if it is in the pc or not, sell, sell , sell!

However, there are still good prices out there. I did find a NM copy for $15 from a dealer I have dealt with outside of Ebay, Amazon and the big online stores. He only ships priority boxed insured so another $14 or so just to ship it. What can ya do. If it is a true NM it will be worth it. Never know until it is in your own hands though.

My pc copy.

Looks like there was an $80 sale for Amazing Spider-Man #210… with other listings starting to bump up those prices for the nicer copies.

Dang if this elevator keeps rising i might be tempted to list it.

I would also like to pursue this spec a little further down the rabbit hole to Julia Carpenter who first appeared in secret wars vol 1 #s 6&7. When Madam Web dies she passes her powers on to julia aka spider-woman in the Grim hunt storyline(havnt been able to find out exactly when yet). Julia is younger,hotter and has way more potential if they were to use her in the film.

Julia is in Secret Wars #6 too? I thought her first was SW7.

Very nice looking book!

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They say that she has a cameo in 6. Im going to dig through my boxes to verify.

Last panel of issue 6.

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Spider-man 637 is the issue where Madame web dies and passes her powers to Julia Carpenter.

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Amazing actress. Although this makes it look like she ends up being Julia Carpenter.

Yeah looks like ASM #637 is in play.