Maelstrom movie rumors

Well, our friends at We Got This Covered wrote an article that indicates Maelstrom is being looked at as a potential villain for an upcoming movie, possibly for an Eternals sequel or something like that. Maelstrom first appears in Marvel Two in One #71. He is the offspring of a human and a deviant so it does make some sense. Definitely take this with a grain of salt because Wegotthiscovered likes their rumors…a lot…so how valid do you think this is?

The villain in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is Thane a half deviant half Inhuman Thanos’s son. So I wouldn’t call it to far fetched that a half Deviant could be the villain in Eternals.

Really? Thats interesting. How do you like the game, @Alana?

Supposedly a source “close” to production stated he will be shown in the post credits…A possible set up for a sequel. It all depends on how close to the studio that source is. Does he/she work for production or do they just live down the street and like to make stuff up. Might be worth it to pick up one copy just in case but I wouldn’t go nuts yet.

It’s good but it’s short, I beat it in a day. There’s still plenty grinding for me to do I don’t even have one character at lvl 65 yet. It’s real hard at first and they made a couple disappointing changes like no attacking while flying and only 4 abilities to use so no customizing your character to your liking with 20 skills to choose from like in the past. I hope the DLC will add story content as well instead of just more characters. There was some good surprises like Ultimo, Cosmo, and Thane. Other then owning Thanes 1st I didn’t no much about the character, so I enjoyed learning some of his story . I also learned that there’s a whole set of Infinity Armor that the gauntlet is actually a glove for it and also explains why Thanos only wears the Gauntlet and not the full suit of armor.

All the Eternals die in Jason Aaron’s run in Avengers #4 in 2018. So it’s going to be hard to do more than one movie without them bringing them back from the dead in the comics to sell toys and comics during the movie or movies. But if they bring them back from the dead in comics it will be another Death of Inhumans, Mutant Massacre, lame Death and brought back to life for Marvel’s money grab. Ikaris was the only Eternal to have any last words in their death stating they were the bad guys all along. When Tony tells Ikaris he’s alive, the Eternal responds, “No. Don’t believe I ever was. We are a lie, Tony Stark. We Eternals were great fools. We weren’t here to protect you…Cultivate. We were…to cultivate you. You virulence. To them, to the space gods, you are a useful pathogen. You are the ultimate…I fell. Falling…felt good for a change. The Final Host. Don’t let them unleash the Horde. Only the…only the Unimind can stop them. Only you can be the cure.” And the killer of the Eternals was themselves, fighting each other to the death in disagreement.

Well, there is one thing that is a constant in comics. No one stays dead forever.