Magic Order to Netflix

Looks like the 6 issue series for Magic Order will be coming to Netflix. There’s cover A, Cover B is a B/W of Cover A, Cover C is a pretty nice Adam Hughes, + a few shop variants including a Swampthing homage for issue #1. Still found below $10 worth a pick up.

As much as I loved this series, there were 157,000 books printed. I am still waiting for the next series to start.

I focused on getting multiple copies of the PX version, as I think that was limited to 3,000 copies. I thought this series was perfect for Netflix, so I am happy to see it still moving forward.

It seems for whatever reason(s) Mark Millars stuff doesn’t ever really catch fire. I enjoy his writing myself. Haven’t read this series but it seems interesting.

This could be a value play since none of the Millar books (minus Kick Ass and the other I can’t think of the name of) have hit the screen, but graded books are Below $40 on eBay

Secret Service which changed it’s title for the movies…

Wanted was the title I was thinking about. But Secret Service was one I didn’t think of.