Magic the Gathering

Ha! I still have a complete set of Marvel Series III from that era and a huge box of doubles. I have a ton of those NBA cards too (the tall ones). Those were the days. I sold all my AAPL stock in 2009 (bought in 2005) to help me through my PhD. Shoulda ate more ramen!!


What’s your PhD in? (Mine’s in physical chemistry)

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No way. That’s awesome. I’m just a BS chemist. Engineering always interested me.

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Sweet! My dream growing up was to be an engineer (my grandpa worked for GM in the experimental division), but I fell in love with chemistry in high school.

My father’s an aeronautical engineer. Worked on gear boxes in the F-22 back in the day. Missiles, now commercial air liners. Who knows what else that I’ve never been allowed to know about. All I know is I got A LOT of skunk works t shirts growing up.


Just in case anyone is interested (these are the cards):

Jen Bartel

Fiona Staples

In terms of desirability of the actual card for their play mechanics, Staples’ set wins. Dryad of the Illysium Grove is a sought after card, Metallic Mimic is also.

No real big names in Bartel’s honestly.

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Oooh, Staples’ Sakura-Tribe Elder is nice too. That’s a… lol… staple in EDH.


You MTG players are $&$&+ now, artist exclusive card printings. A whole bunch more reprints to diminish your values.

What makes a Magic card valuable? Rarity? Age? Power? I’ve never played. Friends encouraged me to try it but I already spend my money on so many other things I didn’t need another way to drain my funds, lol.

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Use and rarity. Most all cards can be reprinted at any time there’s a handful of first sets that are never suppose to have cards reprinted but they break their own rules sometimes. Also if a new card comes out that’s better and achieves the same purpose as a older out of print card that can tank value too.

So as soon as something becomes valuable and a staple card they will reprint it in some “special set” with a double per pack price

They also can flat out ban cards whenever they feel fit, and the hottest most pricey new card can become worthless over night

Do people ever play with banned cards? Like special, “Anything goes,” leagues? That’d be fun.

E.M. Gist issue 6 variant

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