Magic the Gathering

Back when I was a young’un I had a bunch of first series MtG cards. I sold them all to a kid in 7th grade for 25$. I could probably retire on what they’re worth now. Is this my chance to make up for it??

Magic the Gathering (MTG) #1 (Cover A - Scalera)

Magic the Gathering (MTG) #1 (Cover A - Scalera)

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I’m excited to see how it turns out. I spent so many dollars and so many hours on MTG…

Although Cover B being a polybagged random image is going to upset a lot of people who don’t read the descriptions and specifically want a certain Planeswalker…

Why is cover B polybagged? So old school… is there a Magic card in it?

Magic the Gathering (MTG) #1 (Cover B - Hidden Planeswalker Variant)

Magic the Gathering (MTG) #1 (Cover B - Hidden Planeswalker Variant)

Also going to be a Blank variant.

Magic the Gathering (MTG) #1 (Cover C - Blank Sketch Variant)

This has some kind of exclusive

Yes. But not a card in the exclusive. Too bad, as that would be awesome!

Good find on the exclusive.

Yeah, TFAW has those as well.

Magic the Gathering (MTG) - Magic Pack #1

There are 3 possible covers for cover b. You don’t know which of the three you’re getting until you open it.


None have cards…

Sucky… I hate blind bags…

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I’m excited about the read, but Magic fans primarily chase actual cards.

So far, none of the characters solicited are new. Even if there is a first appearance or something, I think the Magic franchise would need to make a pretty huge cultural leap to film or TV for these to gain value.

A couple companies have published the property before and I don’t think any got heat.

P.S. it’s also worth noting that Wizards of the Coast all but expressly does not pack in really good, sought after, tournament legal cards into cross-media products. This dates all the way back to the first novels and a Mail-in promotion that produced Mana Crypt. The player outcry for this type of things is extremely loud, persistent, and volatile.


So I was dollar bin digging the other day and found 2 magic the gathering #1s from 1995 fallen empires. Each came with a booster pack of cards.

Should I open the packs and see what’s inside? I’m not too familiar with magic cards. What would I be looking for if I did open them?

There is nothing from Fallen Empires worth opening. One of maybe 2 sets from that era that is full of duds.

For reference, unopened boosters from that era generally go for hundreds and sometimes thousands…except Fallen Empires.

Those books, sealed in poly bags, with the unopened booster are going for about $19 on eBay. The most valuable single cars is probably Rainbow Vale that is about $10. That’s a big if because there are 36 rares in that set and you’ll get one in that pack.

Long story short, unlikely it becomes a big win short term or long term.

Interesting. Will grab a couple just for nostalgia. Hoping for a fun read.

I was more into YuGiOh. I tried to learn Magic the Gathering back in 9th grade but never did. A class mate gave me some cards for me to learn with him but never did understood it lol. Sold the cards years back when I needed $ to put food on the table.

Maybe this book will teach me how to play lol.

I think a Pokemon comic series should be next.Pokemon is really hot right now.

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Pokemon has been hot for a minute. Last I check a Charazard from yhe original series went for over $10K.

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Got into Magic fairly early. I was buying packs of revised at retail. Legends, Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Unlimited packs,were still available and easily had for around $10 a pack at the time.

It’s funny as I was buying the Marvel Masterpieces packs along with Magic cards all in the same time frame 1992-1993. Funny how you can specifically recall time periods and what you were buying.

Anyway, sold all my Magic Cards (including the big cards like Moxes, Ancestral Recall, Timewalk, dual lands) to pay for a big chunk of my Masters degree. Zero regrets, although like all things…they are currently worth 10x what I sold them for (at a minimum).