Major X #0 = New X Command Team

I actually cut my order back Friday working the FOC’s for this one since it’s primarily a reprint book.



(W) Rob Liefeld, Eric Stephenson (A/CA) Rob Liefeld

Representing the classic Wolverine (1988) #154-155 with an all-new Major X frame short story written & drawn by Rob Liefeld!
Deadpool accepts a hit from a mysterious group of overzealous techies called the Watchtower. His intended target? Wolverine! There’s a bounty on Logan’s head, and Deadpool plans to collect! But will the Watchtower prove too morally questionable for even the Merc? The beginnings of the hit Major X series can be found in these classic stories!
Rated T+

Now with this new X-Command appearing as part of the tiny amount of new content do we bump it up by FOC tomorrow?

I’m still not getting the feeling that anything coming out of Major X is really going to be big other than Dreadpool eventually.

For those working the math it’s actually a bargin in cost per page at $4.99 for 72 pages which comes out to only 7 cent a page, well below Marvels normal 13 cent a page average for regular comics.