Mandalorian S2 Finale- NO SPOILERS

One could argue if there’s no Jedi or Lightsabers, then it’s not considered Star Wars… :wink:

Have they announced when the new Mandalorian season will be? Not sure if it’s December 2021. Book of Boba Fett is slated for December 2021.

The ending was awesome and cheesy at the same time.

That episode was fantastic. This is how they need to do Star Wars. The Mandalorian has been great. I’m hoping they keep up with the TV Series over the movies. I’m hoping they will eventually revisit Kylo Ren- wasted in those movies. I know Episode 3 had its flaws, but seeing Anakin turn to Darth Vader was the best part of that prequel trilogy for me. So, I would love to see them do something similar to Kylo Ren.

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Ok. Ok. So I did say it had its flaws. I don’t know how, but I forgot that ‘NOOOO!’.

That was the best part of the movie. Total Oscar moment right there…

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Mandalorian follows a very simple, classic, serial story telling recipe that has appealed to folks forever. Folks didn’t over analyze Flash Gordon, The Lone Ranger, The Shadow, etc, etc. They also weren’t overly concerned with Oscar worthy performances or continuity (Batman show anyone?). Escaping impossible situations without a scratch is the name of the game.

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I dunno, Mando having his head bashed into that bulkhead over and over again by the dark trooper seemed to definitely leave him hobbling a bit. Mando also got his ass kicked in his hover tank armor las episode. I think they are adding a little bit of a roller coaster to the showdowns.

Having said that, my wife said “man, stormtrooper’s suck! While watching last night’s episode.” I just replied “yeaaaaaaahhhhh…”

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That scene was definitely a wink and nod to Game of Thrones.

You have to realize, were any of the other Star Wars movies Oscar worthy? Everyone saw Mark Hamil’s take of expectations on the original movie right when doing a Harrison Ford impersonation right?

Star Wars isn’t about great acting in my opinion… it’s just about pure fun and fantasy.


But I have to admit, the best acting in any Star Wars movies thus far has been Rogue One. That movie besides Empire Strikes Back is my favorite so far.

I’m not looking for Oscar worthy, but MMA lady is stiff as a board. And, her gun jams, so she walks in front of a few armed troopers and clubs them with the gun. The troopers wait patiently for her to walk over and do the clubbing. It’s just video game level unrealistic.

Lots to love with the show, but the mix of bad acting and absurd gun fights is just too hard to overlook.


That’s in every single Star Wars movie though… you see the amount of lasers being shot and they manage to miss horribly at such easy targets… Seems the good guys went to target practice while the Storm Troopers skipped class… :wink:

I haven’t been a Gina Carano fan since day 1. They got her and Sasha Banks, time to give the MMA and wrestling casting a break for a while.

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I do have to admit there are times, particularly in yesterday’s episode, that do feel like “clear the level” and conveniently timed waves of bad guys to dispatch. And yeah, not every performance is award-worthy. I really like Pedro Pascal’s performance, though. I think he’s been a great lead.

I have to keep reminding my wife, who points out the fallacies, especially the accurate and totally inept shooting, that Star Wars, at it’s core, is a space western. Just look at how many shots never hit their mark in westerns, and this is on the same level. Like spaghetti westerns, Star Wars has its own niche. I love the escape, and don’t dwell much on the level of acting. I just feel fortunate every episode to be able to have the opportunity to watch the saga unfold; I don’t necessarily feel that way with others shows and great acting.


Happens in every movie… how many times do you see some dude with a machine gun firing at his target and some how they don’t even get a scratch on them?

Yeah, but wouldn’t it be nice for once just to see a regular schmuck Storm-trooper get fed up and get all Rambo on the heroes! Maybe not kill them…or maybe just kill one or two minor heroes… but just beat the tar out of the rest of them making them retreat! They would be like “WTF” just happened looking out the space window with the badass trooper shaking his fist at them from below.

I think it would need to be a Death Trooper or another elite trooper. That way we could keep everything consistent. Like clearly all the white suits are just regular infantry grunts with minimal training, but we’ve got elite units that can take on Mandos and Drop Troopers and lady MMA fighters and braided WWE wrestlers.