Mandalorian S2 Finale- NO SPOILERS

Fine people of the CHU Forums…I just need to express that the Mandalorian S2 finale could possibly be the best season finale in television history. I just needed to share that. Holy SH*T.


It was extra amazing. So many questions though. Now it’s back to finishing up the clone wars cartoon. I’m very late to the party, but I have to justify the price of Disney+ somehow

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If you thought this season finale was great, just wait for the Series Finale of Clone Wars in Season 7. Most cinematic, emotional, and badass cartoon you will have ever watched. The bad ass maneuvers Rex and Ahsoka pull in that episode define my view of those characters. How the episode ties in with Anakin in Revenge of the Sith, somehow making that film better. Amazing stuff.

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Those were not the reveals I wanted, but they were the reveals I deserved.

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Well damn. I got a bit to go still. Oppress just found Maul actually. I can’t believe I never gave Clone Wars a chance. It is a tad slow at times though, but when it’s good… it’s damn good

Yeah there are major sections of filler and the beginning is slow. The Umbaran arc and the allusions to Vietnam was awesome, though. That’s the first arc I got worked up over.

I’d sure love to have a figure of General Krell produced some day. They missed the boat on not making that.

Agree with all the Clone Wars Sentiment…some absolutely amazing content.

General Krell- what a dick. Probably only superseded in dickishness by Lucien Dray.

You could honestly search “essential clone wars episodes” and skip all the political intrigue on Coruscant and the Droid missions. That is, if you just want to catch up real quick.


Clone Wars was awesome, however I only followed the “essential” episodes and then watched all of S7.

@Jester00- if you can get through the early seasons, it’s definitely worth investing in CW especially S7!

@drunkwooky- I’m on Rebels now S2 episode 16 or so. What are your thoughts on that series as a whole? Same with Clone Wars, it started off kind of childish, but grew up pretty fast.

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It grows up in Season 3 and Twin Suns in Season 4 is really good. Cinematic and critical to canon. Shit gets real with Maul, Ezra, Sabine, Kanan.

I’ve only really watched mandolorian since disney+ came out. So watching clone wars and then rebels will make it seemed justified to keep the subscription lol.

Yeah, I get what you mean. My daughter (2) watches everything Disney during these quarantine days at home, so it has been a lifesaver. Moana, Frozen, Toy Story, Monsters, Goofy Movie, some weird Christmas specials. My wife and I are watching E.R. And Seinfeld on Hulu that comes bundled with it. So, we’re definitely getting value.

If I weren’t watching all that stuff, I bet I’d be having a hard time justifying it. But then again, I’m a huge Star Wars nut and I’d give my left arm for new shows.

I bet Alien(s) comes to Disney soon.


The Spider-Man short cartoons on Disney+ are great. My 4 year old daughter loves it. She’s getting introduced to a ton of Marvel characters. Definitely a fun series for younger kids.

I’m in the minority here, but I’m struggling with Mandalorian. It looks incredible, and they clearly focused on fan service, as every single turn brings a familiar character or ship or droid.

But I have two complaints. The acting is awful. It feels prequel level terrible. Combine that with the utter invincibility and lack of any fear of injury/death. They walk right into the wide open middle of every battle with a stoic look, with zero concern. Every time. It’s just robotic.

I want more Rogue One, where I actually cared about the characters and their well being. Less robotic, emotionless Phantom Menace.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s gorgeous. Love the familiar characters. The big reveal. All great. But, a few human performances would go a long way.


That finale was amazing. Bravo.

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I posted on the other thread I’ve watched the finale 3x already tonight. I’ve really enjoyed these past 3-4 episodes of season 2. I’m really bummed we’ll have to wait until Dec 2021. This series really has me pumped for Star Wars right now. Think I’m going to get some of the new vintage action figures to scratch the itch.

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Sighhh a Star Wars show not about Jedi’s and lightsabers then it’s all about Jedi’s and lightsabers

Has anyone mentioned the after-credits scene yet? Next December will be nutty.


I am enjoying the Mandalorian but you really did bring up good points. I don’t think all of the acting has been bad but it hasn’t been all good either, at times. My biggest complaint is also with how these new heroes seem to be invincible… Maybe Grogu was using the force to protect them this whole time.Good Grogu.