Mandalorian Season 3


Okay, that’s cool.

With Christopher Lloyd in Mandalorian Season 3, Ahsoka hunting Thrawn, the Kaminoans making clones inside a mountain the Bad Batch, is anybody else thinking we’re getting the elements of Heir to the Empire lining up here?

Is Lloyd going to be JORUS C’BAOTH, rogue Jedi turned pawn for the empire? Baseless speculation based on appearances here.

JORUS’ first comic appearance is already expensive as it’s also Thrawn’s, Heir to the Empire 1.

First Appearance:

Grand Admiral Thrawn,
Mara Jade ,
Rukh (Noghri),
Talon Karrde,
Ysalamari (Force-dampening creatures),
Jedi Master Joruus C’Baoth (clone),
Bothan (alien species)
Date Published:
Dark Horse
W: Mike Baron (adapted from Timothy Zahn Novel)
A: Olivier Vatine,Fred Blanchard.

Cover: Mathieu Lauffray